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 mend, fix, put right, restore to working order, make as good as new, put back together, overhaul, service, re condition, rebuild…


Our approach


1) Diagnostics/testing methods

2) Estimate/approval

3) Repair and “photo journey”

4) Testing-measurement to standard

5) 90- day guarantee




Dear All,

Greetings and Best Wishes for 2016!

Times flies as we are even busier than previous years - thank you very much all! Its a surprising year, by the amount of work and new friends / customers we met and encounter. And we are sorry to those we couldn't have enough time in helping. But please always come forward, we often have spare time between each project and if you can wait.

As we move fast forward in building Finale Audio and Triode Lab, as well another new direct-sell label : Pentode-6. We have our hands full, and we regret to announce that from now on, we prefer only taking only hifi tube amplifers for service (So no... we don't fix tapes deck, speakers, DAC, tube tester, car amps...etc). Our OEM solution side keeps open - for manufactures who needs help with design, trouble shoot, post manufacture solutions, consultations or even OEM. We've got you covered, as long its related to tubes / analog!




Looking for a good(best) and reliable tube amp / speakers for tubes?
Here is 3 labels we recommended. All hand made in Canada.






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Toronto, Ontario



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