Dear All,

Greetings and Best Wishes for 2014!

Times flies as we are even busier than previous years - thank you very much all! Its a surprising year, by the amount of work and new friends / customers we met and encounter. And we are sorry to those we couldn't have enough time in helping. But please always come forward, we often have spare time between each project and if you can wait.

Stay tuned and keep visiting our website for future updates! Especially in the SALE section, to get a unique piece of tube amp from us. There are always prototypes and samples, they are as good as the production's specs and sonic, just we often do a lot of test-paint and using different parts and transformers for our sound tuning sessions.

And check out our new offered brand FINALE AUDIO, which offers wider range / type of world class designed tube amplifiers that are also design and made in Canada by us starting from just $899. From few watts to Class A 100 Watts+ designs mono blocks.

Meanwhile, for TRIODE LAB, we are getting more and more reviews and public exposure, as well gaining supports of new friends and customers. And don't forget to check out all the positive reviews off the website, we thank you sincerely to the reviewers for their efforts, and professional knowledge in hi end audio to help reveal our amps and designs.

2014   SPRING





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